Posted by on April 27, 2007

In comparison with this lot, Narcissus in beauty did drain,
The mystique, of which no scientific gibberish could explain,
Each passing day brought out the essence of fantasy,
Blossoming like a boulevard, in the garden of ecstasy.

In myriad minds, a history was penned with each fleeting moment,
Like destined birds in the sky, enlightenment a trifle nascent,
In marvelous hues and sketches were painted their colorful lives,
Outlasting the sadness ravine, the comradeship strives.

When all seemed bright and friend SHIP was set to cruise,
A bolt from the blue, struck a major bruise,
Ahead lay an obstacle, a tall obstinate factor,
Wiping away camaraderie, a Divine benefactor.

Conspiring Fate served up a dish of eternal doom,
There was silence, heralding a melancholy gloom,
Alas! A wonderful world had been finally lost,
Happiness and Peace had unfortunately breathed its last.

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