Posted by on April 27, 2007

My experience with you is like a rain of moonlight,
Soaking my memory in an enchanting grip so tight,
Like the blanket you covered me with, while I slept at night,
Sleeping by my side, guarding me till the break of daylight.

Guiding me in life, helping me make the choices right,
Yet stepping aside, when I am under the spotlight,
You have struggled day and night, with all your might,
To fulfill my every wish, the challenges despite.

This body of mine, is a gift from you,
The wealth I have, is all because of you,
While I carelessly laughed and played,
You were busy, you cried and prayed.

I always tremble in my heart, standing before you,
Trying to explain, the difference made by you,
You listen and return, with your special from the stove,
I smile and think that all I can give back to you is love.

With your care and concern I have been nourished,
With your blessings and advice I have flourished,
The one thing that strikes me, when I think of you mother,
Is that God couldn’t be everywhere, so He made Mothers.

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