Posted by on April 27, 2007

It has been a long time since the fires have died down,
But their warmth hasn’t still let me down,
Shivering in this cold, I still remember seeing you the last time,
The day when my heart inexplicably missed its rhyme.

Yet you glide into my dreams, and wake me in the night,
I look around and see you and I don’t in the dim moonlight,
It is soon morning, and I look at more than one shadow,
And I know, with me forever you shall follow.

I refresh myself and look into the mirror,
Seeing your face, I know there is no error,
I look up and find the blue sky parting,
And your twinkling face, an unanswered question asking.

I look down, onto the plate on which I dine,
And find you staring, like a moon that has no decline,
I smile to myself as I realize this is no miracle Divine,
Since you were pledged to be eternally mine.

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