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The vivid richness of human life in its luxury and ambience,
Is in actuality poverty, without attaining the depth of silence,
Today’s world of fighting and ceaseless factional violence,
Can be transformed into Love, only in the depth of silence.

In the depth of silence can be enjoyed, the melody of a bird’s chirping,
In the depth of silence can be enjoyed, the wind among palm leaves swishing,
The depth of silence can enthrall, with the simplest fisherman’s song,
The depth of silence can envisage a peace that lasts really long.

The numerous faiths and religions in multiplicity,
In the depth of silence reveals it’s derivative simplicity,
In our deepest recess, when silence gives the clearance,
We can have access to the Divine gift of clairvoyance.

For petty sins, man makes unto himself a non-committal allowance,
But he cannot do so for the Love, present in the depths of silence,
The voice of God, in the subdued form of resilience,
Is heard from the heart, only IN THE DEPTHS OF SILENCE.

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  1. Mohamed Taher
    January 7, 2008

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    Hi GHOST
    Good day from a mysorean.
    Nice reading these lines.
    What is the source of this silence. Any help?
    I am looking for a Biblical qoute on this theme. For background of this read: It’s only in the depths of silence that the voice of God can be heard.”

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