Posted by on April 27, 2007

In life, during rainy moments of gloomy recollection,
School Days stand out, surmounted high in joy and emotion,
Of boundless fun and frolic, they present an unfurled reflection,
Happiness outbids all else in these days, in obvious selection.

These days of humour, sportsmanship and sound advice,
In troubled times of life, these memories help to break the ice,
In life it matters, if these memories in our minds we record,
It brings about unity, when our life runs amok in discord.

Between juniors and seniors, students and teachers, existed a special bond,
In difficulties and despair, this special bond did effectively respond,
Of petty troubles and little fights, these days helped us to get rid,
School Days disciplined us into citizens of a country’s future grid.

Sorrows and setbacks, the course of streamlined lives do alter,
But not for us, since School Days are our Rocks of Gibraltar,
These memories and moments enrich you, when life turns grey,
For, School Days, like sun’s rays, on your reflective mind plays.

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