Posted by on April 28, 2007

Describing to others what it cannot observe,
The mouth has thus no purpose to serve,
And the mind is unfortunately or not, dumb,
And so to the limitations of words, doesn’t succumb.

If only the eyes that see could just speak,
But alas, they are content to watch and seek,
They bother not, with the intricacies of speech,
For, within their sight, is a far greater reach.

When the waves within stop to think,
And the eyelids suddenly forget to blink,
And the shadows around begin to shrink,
Before you can again start to wink.

Writing your name on the sand as parchment,
Only to be washed away by waves of excitement,
Welling up within, ready for an outburst,
If only my eyes could ever quench their thirst.

Afraid to cry and wash your reflection away,
Yet hesitant to blink and forget the way,
Looking into your eyes, I can see myself there,
But deeper within, am I there somewhere?

Ask yourself this, when you make your decision,
And just think, what if, you were in my position,
To lose out on the chance to forever embrace,
Because someone decided not, to talk face to face.

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