Posted by on June 21, 2012

I look for things more often, when they are ones I cannot see,
I know they were, because they are so clear in my mind,
And once visible, my mind refuses to merely let them be,
It pushes me to search, until these things I can actually find.

If only existence was established, by what the eyes can see,
Then reality would cease to exist, due to its invisibility,
Unshackled from cognition, my imagination would run free,
Dragging hallucinations around my understanding’s vicinity.

If only existence was proved, by what the hands can touch,
Then empathy would cease to exist, being intangible,
Unfettered from acceptance, my feelings don’t amount to much,
Discarding inhibitions, that for touch, were not possible.

If only existence was demonstrated, by what the mind can feel,
Then humanity would cease to exist, due to inconceivability,
Undeterred by negation, my thoughts refuse to even appeal,
Denying emotions, that it itself affirms, have no necessity.

In every breathing moment, my mind keeps playing God,
It constantly creates, evolves, and destroys my universe,
One second, my feelings get applause, another, my feelings are a fraud,
And the only surreality, is that knowing this is a curse.

The real trouble begins when all of our universes collide,
How do we determine, what is real or fake with any certainty?
And that is why, my heartfelt secret, I gladly confide,
For each of us, our perception is the only reality.

This one is for the Mirror, being my take on why we think the way we do, act the way we do. While most of us spend time choosing sides in the battle of optimists and pessimists, few of us stop to question, if there is a glass, and if it contains a liquid. We believe a ball is red because that is the way our mind has been programmed to perceive it. For the blind person a ball has no colour. For the color-blind, it appears green. Colour is merely an interpretation of light signals by our optic nerves. Which is why there is no absolute colour. Therefore naming it or shading it, is a matter of convenience that people with little else to do end up arguing, if the red ball is half-green or half-blue based on their interpretations of some hexadecimal chart of colours.

With most things in life, perception is what defines, shapes, and colours our understanding of an occurrence. In effect, perception is what creates our experience of an experience. No feeling is absolute, and no emotion perpetual. No thought is wrong, and no desire unthinkable. Each of us inhabit this shell/cocoon that encapsulates all the we experience, filters the interactions we have and the experiences that we face, and builds a reality bubble for us to process life as we see and know it. For that moment, whatever the bubble holds is the definitive truthful summary of our experience, until it bursts and another takes its place.

This is why, what was interesting moments ago, is boring now. What was wrong years ago, is right now, what was simple months ago, is complicated now. The bubble that created the initial experience, is no longer the bubble front of our eyes, but there are always bubbles. The colour, size, and life of thee bubbles depends on the soap you use, the force you blow, the air you blow it in, the water you use. All of these combine to form the perception, your exclusive viewing port to the bubbles of fantasy in front of you, that parade as the reality of the moment.

Therefore, for everyone, their perception is the only reality. When enough people (majority/powerful) create the same bubble, it is called the truth. In reality, they are merely facts (description of events commonly agreed to by a significant number). So, the next time you decide to change the world, just change your perception, try a different soap.


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