Posted by on August 8, 2012

The first thought when you hear choice, is the existence of options,
A chance at qualifying the rationale for a decision you make,
But despite all that, some things were never meant for conventions,
Because, in matters of the heart, only it knows the path you’ll take.

There are times, when their consequences, the options themselves reveal,
Making it easier to choose which seed is the best to sow,
And other times, when the outcomes attempt to actively conceal,
Making it harder to know, how the seed will likely grow.

There are times when the concept of options itself has an appeal,
Making it worthwhile to watch your dream taking shape,
And other times, when you don’t even know what you feel,
Making it essential, to discover the nearest escape.

There are times when having options itself is a burden,
Making it necessary, to choose which is the better evil,
And other times, when you wish the choices would widen,
Making it easier to convince your reluctant will.

When every path is guaranteed to take you down the same path,
And the path will trod over someone else’s dreams and life,
Who will protect you from the backlash of your mind’s wrath,
When you ask them permission, to selfishly ruin their life?

How do you know, your life is worth someone else’s trust?
How do you know, your happiness is worth someone else’s dream?
What do you feel, when you need to trample their hopes to dust?
What do you feel, when you hear their future’s dying scream?

This one is for the Mirror, inspired as it is from my own reflections on the micro-atrocities i am about to commit. Commit being the key word in both the meanings. Thanks to Kalyan for the perspective and fresh take on what a devil’s choice really is. Not so often, we are presented with making a true devil’s choice, between paths that will go down the same sad road. People say the future is unpredictable, but when faced with a devil’s choice, you know it doesn’t matter, because the future is already decided, and clearly visible. There’s no need to predict what will happen will happen if you try running before a speeding train. What you need in such cases is to predict a miracle.

So what happens when your happiness (the thing each of is supposedly preoccupied with) is dependent on putting someone else through misery. Would you be selfish enough to submit someone else’s hope and dreams to the fires of your quest for something as elusive as your potential happiness? This poem was my reflection on what i would do when faced with such a decision/dilemma. And my answer is “i don’t know.” The more i think about the more confident i am about its inevitability and my own helplessness to give in, to that belief/desire.


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