Posted by on August 24, 2012

There was so much of myself I knew, I had, to be so proud,
So much about my tremendous control, that needn’t be told aloud,
I really believed, all I had to do, was firmly decide, and will it,
And I could stop myself from doing anything, and simply sit.

But then I heard it, and had no choice, but turn and look,
Just the sound of those words, had me hanging by a hook,
It was as if I had just rediscovered, the purpose of sound,
It existed only to remind me that you were nearby, around.

That was how I got to notice, the way your lips move,
As they work in unison, to express those words you approve,
Speaking for someone, who just had to look to prove,
And I wondered, if there was anything left to improve.

The words just proved a distraction from the real fight,
A duel by every departing breath, as it left your sight,
I envied, and smelt the envy that even a short-lived breath had,
From birth, bliss, anxiety, envy, to its death, finally just sad.

I knew not, if I was staring at your eyes, or your soul’s window,
The world got darker every time I saw the flutter of their lid’s shadow,
It seemed like they were looking at me, but really right into me,
And yet I don’t seem to know the me, whose reflection I see.

I notice not, time and life already flown, long since removed,
And yet I stand, not knowing why only I haven’t even moved,
Enslaved, enchanted, I remain trapped, under your mesmerising spell,
Release me, or redeem me, your deepest thoughts, only time will tell.

This one is another for the Mirror, although the fairest place to put it would be Beacons. Being as it is inspired by two completely unrelated songs, Afreen Afreen (NFAK) and Allah Hi Reham (Rashid Ali/Shankar Mahadevan). Each has been evocative in its own way, but somehow they have together brought about a divine mix of enchantment (think… aankhen dekhe tho main, dekhta reh gaya… and move onto sansein fizaa mein tu hain…). And of course, there’s her. There’s always a ‘her’. The one who sits across my cubicle, every day, every hour, providing me the fuel, to hang on till the end of day. As if sent by God, to make my existence in the building more bearable, to make the day more worthwhile, while i while it away. To teach me to appreciate Him better, by marvelling at the perfection of His creation, her.

I have always wondered, what it was about the enchantment angle that reels us in, when we see someone, who turns out to be the one. They look exactly like everyone else. Why is it, that among all those hundreds and thousands of those around us, we single out this one person, and develop an inexplicable desire to belong, to surrender ourselves to this person’s control over our thoughts, our lives. What is that undercurrent that sweeps us off our feet, every time we are in their presence? What is that force that turns an ordinary person for everybody else into the unstoppable embodiment that ‘crush’es us? Let me know, if you can figure it out.


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