Posted by on November 26, 2012

Every one of us has travelled, walked down many a different road,
But very few among us remember how, and fewer, why we trode,
For most of us, it was simply a linear journey from path to the next,
Choosing one path or another was a decision that did not require pretext.

At first it was much simpler, there was a road, and I had to follow,
But then, there came those forks, and at every one I had to slow,
And suddenly, a simple thing like taking a road, became a hard task,
Because there was nobody around whom, I could confidently ask.

One the one hand, there was this road, that I was about to choose,
It was filled with so much potential, and also so much to lose,
On the other, there was another road that I could never take again,
It was filled with unknown risks, and also so much I would never gain.

On one hand, was the prospect of leaving behind everything I knew,
And added to that was the trepidation of facing something new,
On the other, was the relief of letting go, of things I couldn’t hold,
Along with the grief of never seeing the fruits of my actions grow old.

The hardest thing about choosing, is that every choice is temporary,
Knowing I will need to drop them midway, what hopes can I safely carry?
And when I know there will be newer hurdles, despite the ones I was just removing,
How do I find the motivation to pick a newer road, and keep on moving?

The only thing I can be sure of, is the promise made to my self,
To be true to, and stand up for the beliefs, that made me stand by myself,
For, as long as I have nothing to stand for, I have no reality,
And without a reality, of what use is all this self-driven fealty?

This one is for the Mirror, and is inspired by one of those archaic words used by Ned Stark in Game of Thrones. It deals with how many of us are true to our beliefs, and to ourselves, and how many of us simply blame the road for not sticking by and standing for those things that we used to hold dear to us.


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