Posted by on November 30, 2012

Before I knew you, the rivers and streams did not cease to flow,
And because you weren’t yet born, neither did the wind forget to blow,
When you left, the mountains too didn’t follow, and walk away,
And because you weren’t any more, neither did the sun lose its way.

The days weren’t brighter, nor was the grass any more greener,
The clouds weren’t whiter, nor was the water any more cleaner,
The stars were just the same, and no more different was the earth,
The nights still keep us waiting, and the ocean yet knows no dearth.

My life did not begin. when you first came into my presence,
Nor will it end, when I no longer know of your existence,
My heart did not stop beating, nor did my eyes forget to see,
With and without you, things are always what they used to be.

The sugar did not taste any sweeter, nor did the sun get any warmer,
And my mind did not sway, as if dancing to the tunes of a snake charmer,
I thought as I did, and continue to feel as I did before,
Standing where I’ve always been, firmly anchored to shore.

Yet I somehow got to see the world you every second experience,
And don’t struggle, although two views should make no sense,
I see what I saw, feel what I felt, but with a complete difference,
Only then did I understand the secret behind my every preference.

Some said you were what was missing in me all along,
Others said you were why I was even waiting this long,
Despite what they say, nothing was given, or taken away from me,
Because you are neither loss or gain, you simply complete me.

This one is for the Beacons, and a newer one at that, Irshad Kamil. My introduction to him began with ‘Na hai yeh pana, Na khona hi hai’, and is currently paused at ‘tu jeet meri, jag haar meri’. In fact, hearing the last mentioned phrase, reminded me of the earlier one, and also other factors like people’s reaction to the movie and songs are what compelled me to write my thoughts based liberally on the first phrase i heard by him. Feel like writing tons more, but the wave has now receded, and maybe the next time when the tide is back (and it will be) there will be more to share and elaborate on this.


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