Posted by on February 14, 2013

The day finally came, when we need to move from this place,
I was told to pack everything I knew, into a little suitcase,
The lease ran out, on the quirks that brought us face to face,
And we would now continue existing, maybe in a new space.

I try to see, what memories I can fit in, and what I will have to leave,
And I find, it is a hard choice, specially with the ones too good to believe,
As I hold each one, unable to inform them, of my decision to relieve,
I am surprised to see, that none of them choose to bereave or grieve.

It is only when I see you again, and bump into a pillar, dumbstruck,
Do I realise, why those memories left behind, were grinning, wishing me luck,
As if they knew, that everything  I had planned, would soon come unstuck,
While those chosen, mock me from the comfort of my mind’s hammock.

The bump into reality, breaks the suitcase, rendering them apart,
And I notice, one memory from another, I couldn’t allow them to part,
It struck me, I had cleaned out my mind, but forgot my heart,
And what lay forgotten, yet well covered, would never really depart.

They were all the same, unchanged replicas, every second, every moment,
No wonder they simply let go of each other, without so much as a lament,
Knowing that those who remained, would always remind, a sweet torment,
Reconstructing themselves, and you, from even a single remaining fragment.

I many no longer hear, your soft footsteps on the carpet,
I many no longer be drawn, to your voice like a magnet,
I many no longer see you leave, like every day’s sunset,
It is alright, since you are someone, I can never forget.

This one is for the Mirror, driven as it was by my inevitable parting from ‘the one’ in the cubicle. It was a matter of months, if not days. And then the first miracle happened. Destiny bought us another month. And then another. December became January, and January naturally became February. So what was once over, was brought back to life twice, just to show me miracles happen. I may not see the hand that performs them, but it doesn’t mean I cannot bask in their sunshine. When life was at its lowest point, she was sent as a string of hope, to reassure me that God was not done humoring me, if only to kick me into turning the next page of my life. For ‘the one’ thanks for all the memories, you made a difference in someone’s life. Sorry I can’t let you appreciate that, but that’s just the way life is. So long, and see you, maybe.


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