Posted by on February 25, 2013

The fish are very angry, and wish the sun would finally stop,
Robbing their already depleted river, drop by evaporating drop,
They know not, why their water, is vanishing with a shroud,
And then sun cannot tell them, it is all for the cloud.

The plants are very angry, and naturally blame the cloud,
Holding back what the sun took, and growing darker and proud,
They know not, why the cloud gladly bears, such a black stain,
And the cloud can reveal not, it is all for the rain.

The land is very angry, and points a finger at the river,
Taking what the rain had rightfully meant, for the parched giver,
They know not, the river is not where the water was meant to be,
And the river need say not, all its life, is bound for the sea.

The ocean is very angry, ans hates just about everybody,
For giving, and taking, without asking, as if they owned its body,
Tired of maintaining balance, of what each of them spend or send,
And it knows not, whether it is even water’s beginning or end.

They are all justified, every one of them right, and wrong,
For, to start, move, or stop, water is not merely some song,
It is not some property or its owner, to possess or belong,
It is a journey, selflessly carrying anyone who comes along.

It answers to no domain, unconfined within any dimension,
It is no stranger to surrender, and yet the master of submission,
For those who believe, it is the elixir of their subsistence,
And to even those who deny it, naturally offers existence.

I guess there’s no need to say this one belongs to the Mirror. We all feel we have at times been let down, or provoked, or given the short end of the stick, by love. There’s always that one incident when we were counting on it, and it left us high and dry. Well, for all those moments that come to mind, have you ever thought that it was a two-way street. That love was not merely a conduit, or an experience, that you might actually have a relationship with love itself. The possibility that like any relationship that depends on fidelity, love might actually need something back from you. Not that it expects it, but that it deserves that much. For every time that you feel it let you down, just try remembering the last time when you let it down.

This is an abstract interpretation of the nature of love, and the love-hate relationship it shares with those who play on its grounds, and swim in its waters.


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