Posted by on June 7, 2017

We pluck fluffy balls of cotton from so many different plants,
Having no idea, which would end up in towels, mops, and pants,
But every tuft itself, shorn of identity, has no consequence to dread,
Caring even less, that many of them would together spun into a thread.

As a thread, these disparate cotton tufts build a new identity,
One that has been permanently spun out from each former entity,
As a thread, it has a chance to live a long and fulfilling existence,
Yet most threads choose to never explore, and few walk the distance.

Most surrender immediately to the allure of the woven fabric,
Many with regrets of not knowing better, some with aspirations of rubric,
Whatever the reason, they are now inextricably a part of the cloth,
And will never regain their identity without ripping out a swath.

Before they can fully reconcile being an integral part of a fabric,
They have to surrender to it being made into a kerchief or a tunic,
Only to see that even the identity of kerchief or tunic will eventually die,
Pristine cloth reborn as merely the canvas to patterned blocks and dye.

Bathed in new colours, sparseness has to start believing in the print,
Until every footprint it leaves only points to the sketch’s imprint,
Where the print goes, goes pattern, tunic, fabric, and even thread,
If only to be dragged around, what’s the difference between alive and dead?

Over time the pattern will fade, and maybe mellow a shade,
And threads will find places to go, that their stitching forbade,
The garment, now no longer fit for the purpose it was made,
Gives itself to soil, that another cotton tuft may meet spade.

This one is another for the Religion list. Although it is not based on Godism, it is my reflection on the nature and lifecycle of every religion, including Godism. Every religion is born from an individual’s thoughts, and graduates to herd principles, before dying out to individual desertion, voluntary or involuntary. Before getting wiped out completely, it plants the seeds/fertilizer for another religion. All these religions have been there before, and all the religions that were, will be, because that all that will be, was.


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