Posted by on June 6, 2018

While other baubles pray, for the redeeming grace of morning light,
You always let slip, a few sparkles of delight, into the heart of night,
Even on those mornings that seem engulfed by unseemly blight,
You reassure those around, with proof of the blessing called sight.

When consumed in the fleeting conflagrations, of a seething rage,
Your cheeks betray underneath them, smouldering embers of umbrage,
And soon begin to fill up, with a flush swell of rubies in outrage,
Quietly threatening, that now would be a good time to disengage.

When subsumed in the lilting tunes, of chirpy everyday blues,
Your ears betray around them, subliminal messages to construe,
And soon begin to perk up, to sapphire tunes the wind just blew,
Surely expecting, that what you heard had better be true.

When assumed in the guise, of a frequently pensive pout,
Your lips betray on them, the dare that propriety can’t flout,
And soon begin to unveil, the garnet thoughts it was about,
Suddenly exploding, from careless whispers to full-throated shout.

When glanced at, through the lenses of a challenging stare,
Your eyes betray in them, reminisces of a perpetual glare,
And soon begin to reveal, the diamond sparkle of undaunted dare,
Resolutely dissolving, into reassurances of abundant care.

Every angle, every interaction, all people notice is the gem,
And true to your nature, you’re too nice to just correct them,
You just hope they realize, that underneath all that glitter and glamour,
Is the heart of a person, that has been relegated to a muted glimmer.

This one is another for Mirror, being a first person observation of yet another office muse. These are starting to pile up and may soon require a separate category. Fundamentally, my take on the gift of the curse, i.e. when a gift becomes a curse. You want it so badly, that you endure a lot of hardships to get it, and then realise it was an illusion, and it actually denies you what you want from it to begin with. Attractiveness is one such gift, which is a double-edged sword. Only those who have it can understand how deep the blade cuts.


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