Posted by on July 13, 2018

We have been told, that each of us has a manifest destiny,
And that our most futile action, would be to attempt mutiny,
That fate has drawn up for each of us, a fixed path,
And straying from which we would incur it wrath.

Every time we think of wandering off the path, towards curiosity,
We are reminded, that control is not known, for its generosity,
The farther we stray, the lesser they say, our chances of recovery,
If only they knew, that our only destination was discovery.

Only when untethered, can we get our own start,
Yet we hopelessly cling on, to someone else’s heart,
So release for us, means being torn apart,
Home is prison, if we never depart.

When so many consider it their duty, to pander,
Why can’t we use the chance, to aimlessly meander,
When so many are unaware, of their ability to ponder,
Why not make it our responsibility, to wonder.

The sun decides, when we will go,
The wind decides, where we will blow,
The earth decides, what we will sow,
The water decides, how we will grow.

The first decision we can make, is whether to go with the flow,
Or explore the infinite paths there are, to discover and know,
Would we rather be unfurled, and risk being disciplined,
Or simply accept fate, and remain at the mercy of the wind?

This one is for a special Beacon, Sirivennela. The core idea is based on a line he wrote “గాలి వెంట వెళ్ళే మారం మానుకోమని, తల్లి తీగ బంధిస్తుందా మల్లె పూవుని“. We go through life with either a plan, or the flow. Rarely do we make a choice to give chance a chance, and roll the dice. What would happen if we decided to make a decision that doesn’t align to the plan?



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