Thoughts are funny. So much like a garden they seem. We till the mind, plant the seeds of those thoughts(the learning process), and then tend to the tender sapling thoughts like our own children and watch as they take shape sometimes within our wishes, sometimes beyond. That’s when they need the pruning and the shearing to put them back on the path we intend, lest they stray too far, making the entire garden look ugly.

There are other ones too. Ones we never plant. Those parasitic weeds that grow from seemingly nowhere, right in the midst of all those thoughts that we nurture. Though we take care everyday, and try to get rid of their nuisance, there is no stopping them. They seem to grow even faster when the soil is weak, and the rains plenty. So we set about spending an increasing amount of time weeding the garden, and find in the meantime, that our precious plants, ones we treasured have been neglected in the process, and have probably almost died.

This page is for such thoughts that abide in my mind. Many times, the heart is willing, but the thoughts are too weary, and the mind is too lazy. And those are the time the best of sunshine gets wasted, the best of it, that could have made the garden more beautiful, all whiled away by a cloudy sky. This is such a page for those unborn, for those stillborn thoughts. Ones that may never make it to the front page of my life(or blog for that matter). Even if they do, it might be after such a long gestation period, that they will seem frustrated with life and themselves, and read like a self-penned obituary.

This page is to show me such thoughts that deserve more care, to prevent them from withering even before they can bloom.

Rubicon (paralysis of fear)

Strands of Belief (the nature of religion)

Colouriot (perception is discrimination)

Dandelions (tethered to freedom)

Behind The Curtain (Jealous song, stage is life)


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