Posted by on April 27, 2007

Every time your delicate foot you set on ground,
My heart feels a joy so pervasively abound,
My lips let forth the ecstasy of sound,
At the discovery of a happiness refound.

With my desires constantly piling up as a mound,
Always within your footsteps, I follow you around,
Hoping to speak to you, of my message profound,
Alas your grim lips, push my hopes aground.

My hopelessness to convey to you, doesn’t seem to astound,
The lyrical reply from you, that catches me on rebound,
Within this relation, I see us eternally bound,
With no further hope of completing the round.

A step forward by myself is surely to be found,
Towards your melting reply with its long resound,
Close upon my heels is my conscience like a hound,
Trying to reassure that the next step will heal the wound.

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