Posted by on April 27, 2007

Ever since I heard it from you, the whole world seems anew,
Like the inseparable dawn and dew, you painted me in a crystal hue,
Awaiting your word I shall never swerve, for I only desire what I deserve,
I wait in this dark night, for your approval to paint it morning white.

Every time I shiver, I see you flowing beside, comforting like a river,
Your voice creates ripples in the sky, making the parting clouds cry,
The resonance, even the water does flatter, making the incessant flutter,
The trees in the breeze swing, in the melody of the rhythm you bring.

It’s been a long time since I heard, you mind-soothing word,
Yet the sky did not fall, nor did the earth snowball,
The rivers ceased not to flow, the night moon ceased not to glow,
The sound doesn’t stop expressing voice, the breath has no choice.

Your voice is no longer a wonder, whose word me to ponder,
I can no longer just achieve, what you made me to believe,
When it all seemed a dream, suddenly there shone across a beam,
I hoped neither a man or a herd, could stop an angel’s word.

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