Posted by on April 27, 2007

In life the only wish we had, was for the pleasures of peace,
Our hearts don’t agree to violent deeds, that break life into many a piece,
For all their dastardly propaganda, innocent people are the ones who suffer,
For our little children, don’t we have a better world to offer?

Of what use is togetherness, if it cannot abate,
The feeling that runs among hearts like ours, hate,
Remind them of love, that so very like a sand dune,
Spreads in every direction that the winds play a tune.

In You is our faith, our refuge, as we count our hours,
In this world of Yours, there is nothing to claim as ours,
Where else can the prayers of our little children go,
Placing their heart in Your hands, everyday to school they go.

Whether things change for the better or not, we will never depart,
As long as we can see You, hidden though in our heart,
We have come together, across religions, for our life’s rally,
Please O Lord, answer the call of the valley.

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