Posted by on April 27, 2007

Like a veritable demi-God walking the earth,
And accomplishing the objective of his mortal birth,
High marks bring such awe-inspiring treatment to a person,
Since every parent is madly proud of such a son.

Without them, a person is looked down upon like a sinner,
None looks into their eyes, to see within a future winner,
Just give them another chance to try and warm,
And they’ll soon take the whole world by storm.

One wants to be a doctor, another an engineer, a scientist,
But their poor marks lead them to being out of the roll list,
There are bouquets and parties for the damned topper,
And brickbats for the failure, looked on at as a pauper.

They didn’t have marks, those people considered greatest,
It shows that you don’t only need marks to be the best,
“Get more marks ” is all that the blind world barks,
But I shall forever continue to say “Damn those marks”.

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