Posted by on April 27, 2007

I have known ever since I first opened my eyes,
One man, who would always be the most wise,
Whose bubbly effervescence never ceases to surprise,
Like the unfailing clockwork of the tireless daily sunrise.

One man, whose hairline although constantly receding,
Shall never lose the born appetite for always succeeding,
To make all of us happy, is your every effort dedicated,
Only upon its fulfillment, is your anxiety vindicated.

You taught us that worrying doesn’t improve the situation,
And only a step forward will take you to the destination,
You showed us that a mountain is too small an aspiration,
And for that matter you shall always be an inspiration.

The more we grow, the greater is the world’s expectation,
So for each little deed, you showed the greatest appreciation,
Over the years, I may be able to surpass you in height,
But I can never ever become as large as your heart.

God made Fathers’ to lead us all with a guiding hand,
And put us on their feet across the burning sand,
And fulfill our unreasonable wishes with their smiling wand,
For, without fathers’ we would all be in no man’s land.

Dearest DAD, I may not get another chance tomorrow,
And today I don’t have anyone else’s words to borrow,
I have always been trying everyday to somehow tell you,
That no matter what, I shall always continue to LOVE You.

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  1. gabrielle mangan
    January 4, 2011

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    My Dearset Dad you are always taught me from right to wrong and I always always, right you’re amazing the loving father-in-law the greatset worldest father-in-law ever I Love you, Daddy! ! ! x-x-x -x-x-x love from you’re loving from you’re Daughter Princess Of Pop
    Gabrielle Mangan

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