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In the making of their world, it played an important part,
It was the greatest among, and easiest among all arts,
At the highest of prices, it was still unavailable in any mart,
For, in all its simplicity it consisted of the bonding of their hearts.

It primarily enlivened the cause of their creation,
It created an understanding among their relation,
It helped to express their every thought, every sensation,
It enriched and embellished the purpose and need for association.

It formed an association of understanding, a reputable company,
In sadness and happiness, in life and death it will always accompany,
Misunderstandings were scarce and differences hardly some,
It depicted the blossoming of unity, in a picture wholesome.

Each existed for the other, a matchless golden era,
The bond grew by leaps and bounds, challenging the power of Ra,
Open wide apart, were the golden gates of heaven,
In assent to the association of these fellow brethren.

It was at a time when all seemed fine,
And the association was set to blossom and shine,
It was then, that the potion of acidic destiny began to brew,
Each passing day witnessed conflicts, which only grew.

The understanding of thoughts of many days turned to difference,
Love and reconciliation were treated with equal diffidence,
Thrown to the mercy of the winds was to be the relation,
The group seemed to await its forced sordid cremation.

Then it happened, unmindful of which direction the wind seemed to blow,
The mighty river into streams in directions different began to flow,
One single moment had the infinite power to totally devastate,
Goals that took days and months of understanding to cultivate.

The weak minded had sold the secrets for not a mere pound,
Wiping away memories and moments with feelings abound,
Drowned in their selfishness and non-self-motivated attitude,
To their association in faith, lacked in even gratitude.

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