Posted by on April 27, 2007

To many people, life seems great, in the ‘Paradise on Earth’,
Of nature, beauty and transcendence, there is no dearth,
Only shortage of Peace, Love and Happiness,
As we live each day in fear of unexpected loneliness.

Our children wake up, not to the song of the cuckoo, but gunfire,
They make their way to school, the path paved with blood and barbed wire,
They grew up, not by reading about squares, triangles and spheres,
But by attending daily, the funeral of ones near and dear.

We live on, not for survival, an unreliable, long-forgotten word,
But for mending each others spirits towards a promising new world,
The scars have remained, like the echo of gunshots in the valley,
Behind closed doors, as each day we pray, for a lesser death tally.

As each year passes between snowfall and sunrise,
People don’t change and none the better for the wise,
Even God who knows no hate, would surely despise,
People, who in the name of God, innocents terrorize.

This poem was inspired by the video of a song in the first Indian movie to be listed in the UK Top Ten.

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