Posted by on April 27, 2007

I haven’t seen a thing, as meaningful as an orchid garden,
With its beautiful blooms, there is no mind it will harden,
An orchid in its full bloom, is a sight to be beholden,
No matter what praise be given, to the hands by which it was moulden.

As far as your mind can judge, it fully covers,
All your thoughts, with its multiple colours,
You will never again see a world so diverse,
That so resembles the difference in the Universe.

Yesterday’s buds soon blossom forth into flowers,
The mesmerizing flowers turn themselves into fruits,
Today’s fruits turn into tomorrow’s seeds and roots,
Laying the foundation for the future’s flowers.

So much philosophy in so little may seem strange,
But from afar, however long , you will never see them change,
It may soon push you headlong down the precipice,
If you agree that all things of beauty come at a price.

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