Posted by on April 27, 2007

I look up at the rain drops that hit my eyes,
Just like the teardrops that roll down my eyes,
I instantly close them as the ensuing sunlight strikes me,
And I realize I no longer find myself in me.

Images and events of life are jostling for my mind’s space,
As with this itinerant flow of thoughts I try to keep pace,
At once I am a child, eagerly wanting to be a scientist,
Long since then, I have grown to nothing more than a pessimist.

As a teenager, I longed to be a computer whiz kid,
Alas, I have since then lost count of things I did,
As a graduate, I dreamt of managing a business empire,
But I still languish in drudgery and unfulfilled desire.

All my tomorrow has become a long forgotten yesterday,
And I still await to become someone, someday,
I realize that life takes away more than it gives,
That itself is a measure of how long each one lives.

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