Posted by on April 28, 2007

Blowing across the land, an unstoppable gust,
You kiss this earth, and take away its dust,
It falls back, and you continue, like the wildest gale,
You keep returning, to caress me and regale.

Like the midnight breeze, you arrive every night,
Cajoling my heart, and everything else in sight,
You lift me onto your wings, up into flight,
And carry me aloft, till morning’s first light.

Every time you brush past me and my cheek,
I wonder, if there is something more you seek,
Seeing you amidst swaying flowers, people think you meek,
And yet against your seething best, there’s nothing not weak.

You waft in, through my every breath, and leave,
And bind me forever, by this life, that you thus weave,
One day, forever you will leave, when my time is due,
A day when I will lose, love, and most of all, YOU.

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