Posted by on April 28, 2007

With sunrise begins another brand new day,
For how long today, can you remain on the highway,
When your feet begin to ache, and your mind buckles away,
How much longer you can wait, only you can say.

When the rainfall ends, and the desert begins,
No matter how strong, your determination thins,
When darkness rules, and the night never ends,
And the farther you go, there are still more bends.

When all you want, are a few moments of my time,
And yet are turned away, like in a totalitarian regime,
When you stand by my side, all through daylight,
Hoping atleast once, I will take you into my sight.

When the charms of persistence, force you to surrender,
And yet, you cannot run away from my splendour,
When you know this tide will forever, not abate,
And yet, just like I did, can you still wait.

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