Posted by on April 28, 2007

I walk up to the college, where we first met,
And see if I can find, what I can no longer forget,
All that remains, is the building and the playground,
With no trace of you having been around.

I walk up to the bench, where we first sat,
When you first laughed and gave me a pat,
But the bench no longer has our impression,
Time has given it more people in succession.

I walk up to the tree, where I first wrote your name,
On the day that you took on all my worthless blame,
But it has got new leaves, and grown some bark,
And besides, there are lots like it, in the park.

I walk up to the store, where we first shared ice-cream,
But it is long since those tables have left that dream,
Because more people still come in to share,
Those last crumbs of feelings they have, to spare.

Everything that we treasured has since moved on,
Yet there was one place I found, that refused to go on,
Deep in my heart, there’s a room that’s still waiting,
One that’s immune to the tribulations of awaiting.

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  1. Satyajit
    January 7, 2008

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    Dear Brother,
    I came across your blog when I accidentally clicked on your comment on Ashwin’s blog. And I am glad of this serendipity – I have discovered a fantastic writer. Believe me, I never flatter! I am sure that the next few days will be a treat as I relish your writing style and more importantly the topics that you choose.

    It has the freshness of youth that I once used to be so full of – when childhood was still not a distant past and the pranks and the scars still fresh!

    Do continue to write. You have a rare gift. Never lose the simplicity of your style and do not be tempted to use flamboyant language. The story that you tell is best told in a simple language.

    All the best.

    I do not know if I have ever seen you. But I am Ashwin’s brother.

    Warm regards and best wishes,


  2. Satyajit
    January 7, 2008

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    Oh and in case you want to contact me, do so at

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