Posted by on April 28, 2007

We talked through the ravines of the night,
Into the lap of dawn’s first light,
We talked of our lives, yours and mine,
And how each had lost its own shine.

About the smile that had never faded,
Despite the mires that we have long waded,
And how it managed to keep us together,
Through hard times, and all the rough weather.

About the stares we gave each other,
Oblivious to time, oh, just don’t bother,
When the looks traveled further within,
Until the distance became too thin.

About the love that wrapped us in a cocoon,
Making us impervious to either noon or moon,
And the stars couldn’t have come, a moment too soon,
To see us splashing around, in the mind’s lagoon.

Although that love is no longer there,
Search within, and you may find it somewhere,
Until then, don’t stop this talking in midstream,
Else I will have to wake up from this dream.

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