Posted by on April 29, 2007

There comes a time, when everybody must part,
This separation, is not something that we did start,
Over time, our thoughts, our feelings have grown apart,
When we smile at each other, it’s no longer from the heart.

The time that we shared, shall always remain a memory,
One that’s bitter, like in almost every other love story,
When we say the nastiest things about each other,
And with the very hatred, could each other smother.

You will leave this behind, and find someone to share the pain,
However, try as much, you will never find this love again,
Remember, you found me, loved me and lost me, by your own hand,
Just by standing quietly and watching our relation go out of hand.

This mirror that you have broken, can you stick it again,
Even if you could, would it show us and our love whole again,
All it would show, are the fragments of a broken smile,
And a doubt, whether it is us, or love, that is so fragile.

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